Breeding and Hatchery





Today, Finfish Hatcheries Inc. can produce up to 1.2 billion Sarangani bangus fry each year, given its combination of  the right technology and premium brood stock. FHI now has 12,000 brood stock – the largest stockpile in the Philippines. Each breeder weighs 10 kilos on average, growing to as heavy as 26 kilos, and can live until 27 years old.


The bangus breeders are stocked at the rate of 700 per half-hectare pond with a water depth of one meter. These consist of 350 females and 350 males. From the half-hectare pond, two to three kilos of eggs are harvested everyday. Each female breeder can produce 7 kilos of eggs in one year. And one kilo consists of 750,000 eggs. Even if pond conditions temporarily lower survival rates for these eggs,  more than enough remain to hatch into volumes needed for FHI’s customers all over the country.


FHI's bangus breeders produce fry of the highest quality with rare incidence of deformities. Carefully calibrated rearing methods and balanced nutrition in the rearing ponds can increase fry production as the market demands.  It can even help make keep a 20-year-old mother bangus spawning eggs.


FHI’s expertise in fry hatchery operations goes beyond breeding bangus. It also produces the highest volume and best quality of fry and fingerlings of other high value species that include pompano, lapu-lapu, seabass and snapper.