Frequently Asked Questions





» What products do Finfish Hatcheries Inc. offer?
  • The products of Finfish Hatcheries Inc. under Sarangani Brand are the following:
    1. Bangus Fry (Milkfish-Chanos chanos)
    2. Fingerlings of:
        a. Lapu-lapu (Green Grouper-Epinephelus coioides)
        b. Mangagat (Mangrove Jack Snapper-Lutjanus argentimaculatus)
        c. Pompano (Pompano-Trachinotus blochii)
        d. Apahap (Asian Seabass-Lates calcarifer)
» What are the advantages of using or stocking Sarangani Fry?
There are many advantages of stocking Sarangani Fry, among them:
1. Uniform fry size
2. Higher survival rate
3. Fast-growing fry
4. Predator-free
5. Sufficient supply whole year round
» Does your fry come in uniform sizes?
Yes. Sarangani Fry is the only brand that segregates each fry harvest into various sizes. Customers are assured that they can choose from the uniform sizes of the fry.
» What are the differences between Sarangani Fry, wild fry and fry from Indonesia?

You can easily tell their differences by understanding the following:

  • Sarangani Fry is predator-free and highly resistant.
  • Sarangani Fry is hatched and nurtured using the most advanced technology.
  • It is the only brand that segregates each fry harvest into different sizes.
» How extensive is the reach of your products?

Finfish Hatcheries Inc. has marketing offices in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We supply 50% of the country's bangus fry requirements, and are the biggest supplier of high-value species like Pompano, Grouper, Snapper and Seabass.


Our operations now serve neighboring Asian countries like Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Palau, Thailand.

» Do you deliver orders to customers?
Yes, we deliver to almost any point in the country and across Asia. For more information please contact us at (632) 982-3034 or (632) 982-3000 loc. 147, 148, and 149.
» Is Sarangani Fry available throughout the year?
Yes. Sarangani fry is available all year round.
» What sizes do you offer your fry?

Length may vary, depending on body type and weight of fry per harvest. These are the Average Body Length of our fry sizes:
Size 2: 10.7mm

Size 3: 11.5mm
Size 4: 13.7mm

Size 5: 16.00mm

» What is the best time for stocking or seeding?
The best time for stocking/seeding is from 6:00am to 10:00am while the supply of dissolved oxygen is still abundant in the water.
» ¬†How long will the oxygen pumped inside the fry bag prior to delivery last?
Oxgen in the fry bag will last anywhere between 12 to 15 hours from bagging.