Harvesting and Bagging





FHI's unique hatchery design ensures that all of its fry harvests are free from the predators typically found in wild fry harvests.  Predators are virtually impossible to spot and eliminate in a wild fry harvest, yet they are capable of reducing fingerlings' survival rates by more than 50%.


FHI is the only hatchery that segregates its fry so that all are of relatively the same size in a bag.  This gives growers flexibility in managing their costs and harvest lead times.  It also makes it easier for growers to enjoy evenly sized harvests and more predictable profits.


From harvest, FHI's fry are bagged and delivered to customers in oxygen-filled bags within 12-15 hours. FHI takes great care to minimize stress on its fry and fingerlings as it makes its way to its final destination.  Sales personnel are expertly trained to observe fry movement and water quality, and ensure water is replaced and oxygen replenished as needed, en route to its final delivery point. This helps ensure the best survival rates for Sarangani Fry.